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Welcome to Crazymachine, the AI crypto liquidity provider

Crazymachine is an AI-powered market making bot designed to help you make your crypto projects more attractive with minimal investment. Create order book, make natural volume, and continuous candlestick chart – all with just one monthly price!

Create order book

Make natural volume

Сontinuous candlestick chart

About Crazymachine

MM Bot

AI-driven market making
Our AI technology helps you create a favorable order book and make natural volume for your coins – all without manual intervention! Plus, Crazymachine offers continuous candlestick charts to give you real-time data about your project.

Secure and reliable
We understand how important security is for our users. That's why we use only the most secure technologies available. Our bot is regularly tested for vulnerabilities and attacks, ensuring complete safety of your transactions.

Easy and affordable pricing

Crazymachine offers a simple flat rate of 350 per month, giving you access to all our features without any hidden fees or charges. Plus, our user-friendly interface makes it easy to get started right away!

Market Direction

In order to show a correct and flat candlestick chart, you must manually enter the exchange.

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Get Started in Three Steps


Contact us 

We are ready to discuss all the points that may concern you


Get a free demo

You will use our services absolutely free of charge for three days


Manage the market!

If you like the demo, make a payment and manage the market for your project.

Liquidity provider

About Crazymachine  

More than 200 crypto-assets have reached a daily volume of $470 million since

Crazymachine was launched



We help you create and maintain the order book you need. Flexible algorithms allow you to safely generate the number of orders and order books you need. Preset settings will keep the spread in the range you set.

Bot 4 you


Our algorithms create the necessary volume in the right way. You don't need to spend large sums to maintain the volume you ne


Create a beautiful and consistent chart, you set the direction of the market yourself using a user-friendly interface. Thanks to our algorithms, it is absolutely safe

Monthly subscription 

for one pair 



- Create order book  

- Make natural volume
- Continuous candelstick chart

- Set direction of the market 

- Important messages to your telegram 

- Support 24/7

Monthly subscription 

for CEX liquid bot



Liquidity in the network of your token

- Creating Blockchain Transactions

- Distribution of tokens by new wallets

Monthly subscription 

for one pair 

We accept stripe


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